To Fill In A Gap Year: The Aim

15 October 2017

I was in a rut, I'm still in a rut. My life doesn't consist of much as the moment- not in a pity party way, I just haven't been getting much done. I really wanted to get more blogging done, yet here I am two weeks into October. I think it's because I've lost a lot of creativity lately and spend most of my time in my pyjamas lazing about- but I'm trying to get out of this routine. I've decided to make a mini series for my gap year where every month I'll talk about some progress I've made into some of the things I wanted to begin/continue in my gap year. Some months may be dead months- but I think this will help me stay focused and not give in to my mental blanket. 

This post will consist of the things I want to get done. I can't talk about anything I've got done- because frankly, it's not much. Some of the things on this list will seem very easy and they're purely going on this list due to how long they've been on my 'get shit done' list. 

Here we go pals:

-Run a 10km, 10 mile and a half marathon
-Read all the books I've been meaning to
-Get strong; I'm talking biceps
-Learn some Spanish
-Learn how to write better (blogging and novelling)
-Join a writing/book club
-Get back into drawing
-Get back into painting
-Get back into sewing
-Get into embroidery (this has actually already begun and so far not going well)
-Travel (not majorly- I wanted to do ICS but think I'd like a friend to do that with but I am hoping for Camp America)
- Earn money
-Go to events
-Get hooks for my room. Also clean out my drawers. Also maybe just sort out my room in general
-Get UCAS done
-Bullet journal

All these things are accessible, it just depends on how I'm feeling and lately not very motivated is the answer.  Maybe I should document my gap year better. This will be easy to do when I have a tidy room and clean drawers- I still have some stuff from GCSE's. I'm a major hoarder but this must end!

Anyway- sorry lads for the lack of great content, but hopefully this post is the beginning of something great! And by that I mean after I've posted this I'm going to clean out my drawers. Please leave in the comments good places to by diaries/planners etc. I need something to give me the illusion of progression!


  1. yay, this gap year serious sounds like a super good idea and hopefully you'll feel more focussed and like you are achieving more!!! I share the majority of goals so we can hold each other accountable! looking forward to the rest of the series x

  2. Taking a gap year sounds like a great idea to be honest, and part of me wishes I'd done it because uni work is quite a lot right now - just make the most of what you can, and rest up!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. love this, such a good idea! I know what you mean about being lazy lol, I can defo relate and I'm not even on a gap year lawddd x x


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