shoutout to my friends

2 September 2018

also shout out to the beautiful streets of Paris 
None of my 'real life' friends read my blog, and in my head a lot of bloggers are my friends whether they think it or not. Either way, after spending a lot of the day feeling fearful of the future, sad about the endings, wondering whether some things should be seem as a 'blame' thing or merely a 'cause' thing, I figured I'd carry on acting as though the world revolves around me and make a list of all the good things my friends do for me.:

-they are passionate about their degrees and learning which helps motivate me and remind me that exciting things lie within education. I often find myself unable to see beyond the fact I will be graded for my work, but they reveal to me that there is more to learning than the finale.
-they tell me fun facts that I can then tell other people. for example, did you know that there is a rumour that Michelangelo wanted to focus on sculpting but then the pope blackmailed him into painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as (allegedly) the pope caught him in bed with another man and threatened to expose him if he didn't paint the ceiling. Well, this isn't entirely a fact as there's no proof, but a fun bit of possible information.
-they make me laugh and sometimes they make me laugh too much, and my laughs turns too intense making me struggle to breathe whilst sounding like a dying hamster, but it's all in extremely good jest.
-they are witty and sarcastic which helps my sarcasm skills, and also means I can steal their comebacks when I meet new people so that new people will think I'm more witty and sarcastic than I actually am
-they help me even when I make dumb mistakes and listen to me be upset when I am the only person to blame for my upset. They tell me what I need to hear and somehow some of my friends know exactly when to give me tough love and when to let me be a little piss cry baby
-they don't remind me of how bad I am at dancing
-they act as a reminder that when things change I should never feel hopeless as some of the friendships came to fruition in the most abstract of ways
-they pretty much always let me borrow socks and don't make me return them
-they don't seem to mind when I get too drunk at girls night and go to sleep rather than carry on the night
-they call me out
-they let me rant
-they play with my hair if I ask the too
-they are creative and their creativity inspires me. This is a big one, sort of links in to the education, I don't know- I just feel like I get lost in my head a lot and my ridiculous desire to be 'one of the best' can be quite crippling, and although I am an extremely jealous person and find it impossible not to compare myself over even the most menial of things, seeing them flourish in different things helps motivate/inspire me
-they somehow have improved my confidence. I'm not sure how, but all I know is I have become more confident since being friends with these people and my confidence seems to be ever-growing

Friendships can be so tough, and it's weird how some just disintegrate for no reason other than an inability to align schedules. Well, it's more than that- a lack of effort in making the schedules align, creating a rigidity in the structure of the day that isn't necessary. I think over the course of my year out I never fully clocked on how to some friendships of mine had changed, and sometimes I feel sad that I'm not as close with some people but then I think about how much I've changed and, I don't know, it's just one of those things isn't it. Of course people won't stay friends forever, of course the dynamics of friendships will change and sometimes the shift can feel so foreign it feels like nothing will ever return to normality but I guess part of growing up is accepting that alien feeling. peace out!


  1. This was such a lovely post Libby, friends are the best and it makes me sad thinking about some of the friendships I've had in the past that have ended. But the friends I do have now are the best and I really should treasure them more!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thanks Lucy- I know what you mean, it's so easy to get sad about old friendships that ended but then it's like?? I have so many new friends to love now!

  2. I love this post so much!

  3. Some friendships are soo hard to maintain, and it's the worst letting go of friends who you know you were once so close to. I love this because it's a little reminder of what good friends do. I've grown really distant from some (once) super close friends of mine; and whilst it's really hard to let go I have other friends who I know value me more. Hope you had the best time in Paris with Katie, it looked so dreamyyy. sending lovee xo

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I completely understand what you say about friendships. Sometimes, they can be so tricky. But, once you find the right people- they are the most magical things on earth.


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