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7 December 2013

So today is the day I complete the tag that the lovely Katie from tagged me in! Sorry for it being so late Katie!(Go check out her blog it's fab:) )

Okay lets begin!:)
Not my picture
When Did You Start Blogging?
Eurm I think in the summer holidays but I can't remember the exact month...lemme check...I started in August 2013 :)

Have You Had Any Other Online Presence Before?eg Youtube?
Not really, well I started a blog like a week before this one but it was really bad and I made a lot of scatty posts and it was ugly and I just didn't like it so I deleted it and created this one!:)

Why Did You Start Your Blog?
I thought it seemed really fun and I always seem to be wittering on about stuff in real life, however this blog is more beauty/fashion related, but I also want to throw a bit of lifestyle in to because I can speak about a bunch of useless stuff for ages and I speak so fast that anybody listens and my thoughts come at me so quickly that I thought a blog would be great for that! I also found it quite therapeutic when I would write reaaaaaaally long birthday cards or letters for people and thought a blog is just the place to gobble on about stuff! But I haven't really done posts like that but I quite want to...
I have no idea if this makes sense!:')

When Did You Become Serious About Blogging?
I haven't really, I try to post once a week but I'm not serious, like I don't upload every day and my schedule is a bit all over the place, but I guess I'm becoming more serious and I always panic when I realise I haven't posted in a while, I may not have many followers but I like to please you!:)

What Was Your First Post?
Like a wishlist, but I didn't know tricks about blogging back then and I remember getting really frustrated because the pictures weren't grouping together like I wanted and ahhh what a stressful time I had

Where Do You See Your Blog In A Year?
I hope my posts get better and I have a better quality picture and that people enjoy reading what I post, but really I just hope I find it easier to post and I slip into a schedule and yeah!
What Is The Best/Most Rewarding Thing About Blogging?
I love reading your comments and when I get a follow I get really happy and excited, especially when people don't ask for a follow back and I know they're just following for the sheer pleasure of my posts, well I hope thats why anyway...I usually do follow back anyway

What Is The Most Discouraging Thing That Happens/Has Happened?
Nothing really, I get disappointed when I don't know what to post because I don't want to let you guys down in a way? Even though I'm not really but you guys follow me for posts and a lot of the time I'm not happy with they way my posts turn out

What's Your Lasting Blogging Motiviation/Inspiration?
A lot of other bloggers, and I love to think about reaching my next milestone in followers like 75, or 100 and whenever I get a comment it inspires me to try a bit harder!:)

I don't really know who to tag, I always find these bits pretty hard! Anyone who wants to, do it and tell me so I can read yours!:)

Emily from Daisy Locks
Emma from The Earth Through A Lens
Kira from All Things Simple
Otila from Little Library


  1. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  2. Loved reading your answers! Here're mine:

    Otilia ♥

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