Baked To Last Blush

13 July 2014

Hi guys!

For a while now I have been using a blusher and bronzer from the Body Shop and I realised I have never shared it with you, which is odd because they are really great product!

I brought the Baked To Last Blush I have from there is really pinky and natural. It's perfect for summer and just givers you a kind of healthy glow. It is quite pricey but I thought I would treat myself. The two shades mix together really well to give a perfect look. It is shimmery, but not so much that when I look at my face I look like someone has poured glitter all over me!
I wanted a picture of it on but that picture didn't really work out, but it is such a lovely colour.

I'm never really someone to touch up their makeup during the day, because usually I'm at school and I just don't care, or I'm with my friends who don't really are much about makeup so I never really think about touching it up. However this doesn't last 8 hours as it claims, I'm not really sure how long it lasts but not that long. Yet it can easily be adjusted during the day. It's really easy to apply, but I don't know if it's just me or if everyone has this problem, but a lot goes a long way. When I first started using it, I used to spend a few minutes after applying it, rigorously trying to rub it off without messing up all my other makeup!
Now I have learnt the ways and I absolutely love this blush. It's perfect for spring and summer and just gives really natural pink tones to your face. Also from a lot of reviews I've read, it lasts a very long time, which I kind of already guessed since a little bit goes a loong way, so it is worth the price!

Bye for now guys! I will hopefully have a post up on Wednesday, I'm sorry I havent been as active recently. I dont really have an excuse but I will become better. Also it's my summer holidays in one week, wooo


  1. This sounds really good! I do need a new blush :) maybe I will have to get some.

    1. It is so nice and lasts ages, you should!x

  2. This sounds great! Love the color!


    1. I know, it is so lovely and summery. Although to be fair I don't really know what a winter blush qualifies as!x

  3. Hey, Libby! Okay, so I nominated you for The Sunflower Award on my blog - You can read more about it here: xx Have a great day!

    And by the way I love the color of the blush! I literally looked at it yesterday, but couldn't decide if I should buy it or not! ^__^

    Cindy |

    1. Sorry I've been away for ages and only just saw this, but thanks for nominating me! I think you should buy it, it is a bit pricey but it will last ages and looks so lovely on!x


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