why is talking about dreams + aspirations so difficult?

8 May 2019

'Don't want to know what I would be when I wake up from a Dreamers sleep' (-Twenty One Pilots lol)

Telling people you go to University is merely a segway in conversation to the grand question of what you plan on doing with you future. It is a horrible question, yet when you try to deflect it adults don't seem to understand why. I always say I don't know, because I don't really know, all I know is what I want my future to involve. Some people answer the question confidently though, but it is a hard question to answer with confidence because it is a peek into your dreams and aspirations. Vocalising such things adds a reality to them, which in turn makes the prospect of failure more prominent as if you never achieve the dream it means someone knows you failed.

It is silly though to be so secretive about aspirations, because adding a reality to them also adds a pressure to be proactive in achieving your hopes. It is just hard though isn't it, because not only does the threat of failure creep in, because if the dream remains in your head you will forever be in control of it- your imaginations ensure the dreams success, it allows your dreams to be only met with pride and support from everybody else. But, you should let people know your aspirations because such fears are silly. You never know what can come from speaking about what you want your future to hold, who you may come into contact with or just in general what support you will receive. It is scary though to tell people, in case you get met with 'oh I can't imagine you doing that'.

I think, moral of the story is, pursue your dreams and don't ask people what they want to do with their future/ what they plan on doing with their degree unless they initiate that conversation.

For the record, one of my dreams is to have a piece of writing published. I'm going to start small and go for the University newspaper (that nobody reads) and then maybe one day something will get published for the University alternative magazine, but the ultimate part of this dream is to have something published somewhere that is not linked to my university.

Just one of many dreams.

Another one of my dreams is for Pringles to fucking reply to my emails about making Pringles gluten free. I would appreciate if you will join me on this quest and drop them an email just asking them to make them gluten free.

Peace out xoxox


  1. I always have this conversation in work and it drives me nuts! I didn't know what I wanted to do for a long time and when I told people my degree they always immediately asked what I was going to do with it (because it wasn't obvious). I ended up just telling people I want to go into teaching (which I now do) so I didn't have to deal with the conversation of "oh well I'm sure you'll figure it out" like fffff I know I'm going to figure it out, stop judging me!!!
    I had a lecture last term and my lecturer pointed out that we label ourselves what our profession is, as in when someone asks 'what are you' you can't reply 'a single soul in this vast universe, trying to make sense of their life' (lol) you're expected to say your profession "i'm a student" "i'm a teacher" etc and that made me feel so saddened that we're judged by what we do and if we don't do something that meets another persons expectations, it's looked down upon.
    Keep your real dreams to yourself until you find people genuinely interested and approving of them! Sometimes vocalizing them makes them feel insignificant, sometimes not. Main thing is no one should be able to tell you what your goals for your life should be, do what the f**k you want.

    (Very passionate rant over)
    Love reading ur posts xx

    1. Yes!!!! It is the best when you finally find someone you trust and how is supportive of you because then it gives your dreams a fun, optimistic reality! I never even thought of that before about asking what you are- I want to start answering it in a non-proffession sense but chances are I'll just end up saying my star sign aha. x

  2. That did make me laugh about asking Pringles to create a gluten free option, I mean they totally should already have that though?! Come'on Pringles, sort it out! I always find talking about my 'dreams' really hard, I only have one year of uni left so people are really gonna keep asking me soon - ahh!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Nooo Lucy one year left, bloody hell!!! That's mad!! It's sort of okay about Pringles, because popchips are gluten free and taste really similar, but man I do miss Pringles :( x


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