26 September 2014

Hey guys! Woah change of plan, I think I might try posting Monday and Friday instead from now on, I think I may have an idea how to do this. Possibly.

This is more of chatty post today because I kind of need to write this out and organize my thoughts, usually I would do it in my diary but I needed to write a blog post anyway and this isn't deeply personal or anything so why not.

Over the summer holidays, I forgot homophobia was a thing that still happened. Now I'm not gay, but still hearing some of the stuff people say really annoys me. I understand that some people don't accept homosexuality because of their religion, I may not agree with it, but whatever. As long as they don't go flinging insults at gay people and they just keep quiet about it, it's whatever. But religion is complicated and this isn't going to be that deep about homophobia.

There are different degrees of homophobia I feel and obviously things are way worse than others. The whole spectrum of homophobia/transphobia pisses me off and I could talk about it for years. It surprises me it's still a thing to be honest, it's 2014, who cares what gender people like, it's not like it affects anyone. I'm not going to get proper deep though. it's just since I've been back at school the main insult I keep hearing is 'gay'.

Gay, is just a word to explain what someones sexuality is. It is not a negative word, there should be no negative connotations attached to the word, but there are. Now faggot, that's an offensive word and i despise it. But gay? Seriously? People also get offended by it as well. I was in class the other day and somebody said to their friend 'Oh, you're so gay' and the friend was genuinely offended. He was proper trying to defend himself. But no. its not something you should feel offended by. It's a sexuality. Not an insult.

Or when someone is using a pen and it breaks and they call it gay. Is your pen attracted to other pens? No? Then shut up. Or being called a lesbian, that's not an insult either. That is also just a way to explain a sexuality, yet girls also rush to defend their straightness when called it. I don;t understand why people get offended by this.

Also, people who aren't even homophobic say these things, but they don't realise what they're saying is indeed a homophobic slur. They may be fully accepting of gay people, but it is homophobic to be attaching these negative implications to the word gay and people need to stop. It's just stupid. Also, I don't exactly know how it must feel to have people constantly using my sexuality in a degrading way, because you never hear people go 'Oh that's so straight' in a derogatory way but it must be pretty shitty. And if people are scared about coming out, this must not help them at all. In fact, it may make them thing their sexuality is wrong, when it's not at all.

I hope if you're one of those people who use gay in a negative way, you stop. It's not an okay thing to do and some people don't even know that. I guess by watching so many gay people on youtube and having gay friends, it's kind of made me realise a lot more about homophobic comments and slurs and I am just so fed up of hearing gay be used in a negative way.

Enough of the pessimistic-ness though. Fridays and Mondays,  you will see a post from me! I have a plan! I've got this! Sorry for ranting at you guys, I just have so much anger behind the whole concept of homophobia and thought why not share!
Also, this post needed pictures so I thought, hey why not show you some of my favourite people (all youtubers woops) that also happen to be gay! But yeah, that's all, see you guys soon, thank you for reading :)

I'm setting this post on a schedule, I've never done this before oh wow I hope it works...
It didn't work.


  1. Really great post. I completely agree with everything you've said. I can't believe people are still homophobic but what's even worse is the fact that the term 'gay' is used as an insult!


    1. I know, and at school it's the only ever word I hear being used as an insult. Like, seriously, we're teenagers is 'gay' the best you can come up with. Eurgh, it pains me how stupid some people are. x

  2. this is such a good post! Couldn't agree with you more! x


  3. Preach it girl! I agree on everything you've said here. Spot on! Needed to be said as well.

    Emily xoxo


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