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29 September 2014

Hello!  I was going to do an outfit post today, and I did wear a pretty cute (if I do say so myself) outfit on Saturday, but forgot to take pictures then on Sunday I just had a lazy day in. But I've been thinking about doing a 'Top 5' series every month of just like my top 5 things like books, music etc. Someone else probably does it somewhere, but I was pretty proud of the idea. Whether I stick to it is another story, but whatever. Today I thought I'd show you five books I really like. I would say they're my top 5 books, but I just have too many to choose from so yeah, I'm just showing you guys a few goodies. Also I'm trying not to pick really well known ones, but if I do, sorry. It's annoying that most of these are on my kindle so i cant take artsy pictures of books. Oh well.

Eleanor & Park
Okay, I think this is a pretty popular book now but whatever. It's great, I love Rainbow Rowel. With a name like that how can you not like her!? I read this book after I read Fangirl and I was expecting a different ending to this one, but I don't know what you guys consider spoilers so I'll just leave that there. I really enjoyed this book though, I quickly liked the characters in it and enjoyed the narrative, I think she changes the person whose speaking really well and there's a clear writing change defining each character. It's really good and it's not hard to read. I didn't want to stop reading, although I'm usually like that, but I whizzed through and would gladly read it again. You should try it. It's really pleasurable. I feel like I should be writing some of the plot in this part, but nah.

The Fifth Wave
The Fifth Wave is more of a sci-fi book about the end of the world, kind of. I really do enjoy 'dystopian sci-fi' themed books, so if you know any please recommend some in the comments! I think this book is part of the trilogy, I know there's a second book because I've been waiting a while for it to come out, then I forgot about it and now I finally think it's out. Woo. This book is also written from others perspectives and at first I got a bit confused with all the characters, but once I got into the book I was hooked. It's exciting and you do like some of the characters and want them to survive and want to know what's going to happen, which is a good thing for a book to have. I was debating whether to mention this book or The Maze Runner, but I went with this one since I'm pretty sure everyone knows about The Maze Runner now. (If not please go read it is amazing I've read the series loads of times and I had to wait for each of the next books to come out and they were the longest waits ever and they're amazing and appreciate that the full trilogy plus the prequel is out just go read it now okay bye).

The Miseducation Of Cameron Post
A while back I made a post listing a bunch of books I wanted to read and this was one of them. At the beginning of the book, I hated it. I thought it was moving slow and I had no desire to know what happened next. Also I think the fact it was based further back then I originally thought put me off, how ageist of me. Then one day I got to a certain part of the book, I think it was the bit she reached her teenage years, and I got hooked. It's basically about a girl who becomes an orphan and lives with her Nan and aunt, that's not really a big deal though in the book, its more about her sexuality and stuff. Although I really enjoyed this book, I did feel like it was very long, but there was always something happening. It's a good read and (I know I keep saying this) but your really do start to feel for Cameron Post.
Also I know people say don't judge a book by it's cover, but I really do love this front cover. It's a shame I didn't buy this book in real life book form, it deserves to be physically in my library, which is a way i don't feel about many books.

A Walk To Remember
This is also a film, but I don't think I want to watch the film version. I remember for ages my friends would rant about how amazing and sad this film was, and I refused to watch it till I read the book. Then I read the book and loved it. It made me laugh and cry and I was hooked on it. I don't know what else to say about it except it really is a good book. Its not really deep or anything or has some amazing lines like The Fault In Our Stars or something, but I loved it. I don't want to watch the film because I remember when my friend asked me if I cried at a certain part, and I said how that didn't happen in the book and she was shocked that it didn't happen and proclaimed how bad it must have been without that part. But the same thing did happen in the book, but in a different way. I don't want to watch the film adaption I think, because I'm so content with the way everything happened in the book and the way the whole story happened. Just giving you the heads up now though, some parts are very sad and like most Nicholas Sparks books, has a sad ending.

I brought this on my iPad kindle app and read it over summer. Personally, I think it's a really interesting book and I really enjoyed reading it, but it's a very heavy topic. It can also be very triggering to some people so if you were to read it you need to be aware of the fact it has a strong eating disorder theme [1 | 2 | 3 |4], self harm [useful links for both 1 | 2] and suicide. I know you may be wondering why on earth I brought this and I feel like not many people would enjoy reading it, but I did. I'm not sure why. I guess I just found it interesting and different. It's a very unique book and if you want to read it, you should. Although at time the books was a bit unsettling and disturbing, it definitely made me more aware of some things despite the fact it is fictional. However if you struggle with any of the above, don't read it because it may be triggering and upsetting. Also, if you are struggling with any of the above I've linked websites for you which may help, I'm not sure but they're there if you need them.

Hope you liked the post guys! I did write quite a lot, but I can speak for ages about books gosh. Sorry for the crappy pictures though, I have these all, except one, in kindle form so I couldn't take an artsy picture of them stacked up and stuff. But yeah, I hope you liked it and let me know in the comments if you've read any of these, or have any good books to recommend! See you Friday!:)


  1. ooh I'm desperate for a new book to read while I'm on holiday this week! Eleanor & Park looks like a wonderful book so I might give that a try :) Thank you for a wonderful post!



    1. Ahh thankyou! And you really should read it, it's a good holiday book I feel :) and if you're an emotional person you can hide your tears behind some sunglasses, it's not that sad though, but I may have shed a tear at parts :')x

  2. I haven't done much reading over the past couple of months and was on the lookout for some new books so thank you for this post! There are definitely some in here I'm eager to read. Especially Eleanor & Park and I love a good dystopia so the Fifth Wave sounds good also!

    Emily xoxo

    1. I think it classifies as a dystopian book, I'm not sure, but I love them so much! I'm really eager to read more along that theme but I can't find any that I like the look of at the moment!x

  3. I'm dying to read Eleanor & Park, i've heard so many good things about it and it seems just like my type of book! I may copy this post idea next month ......... ;) xx

    Pillarbox Post

    1. Woah I thought I replied to this ages ago. But sure, go ahead :) And you should, but maybe wait for a time where you have a lot of spare time, because it's the type of book you won't want to stop reading. Well I say that, but that may have just been me personally..:)x


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