Boy Clothing

18 September 2013

Do you ever think if you were a boy you would have the best fashion sense?
Because I do!
Today, somehow I ended up on Topman and on the t shirt section but it's acceptable to wear boy tops and jumpers, right?
Loads of men shops also have really nice shirts but I brought a hideous one once and never wore it again, it was only £5 and I liked the shape but the pattern is VILE. Now I never really get them though but then again now I have a lot of shirts which I looove.
I have a few tops from Topman and I found loads of nice ones right now, but I feel like to fully appreciate this post we just need to forget about the price of these tops and appreciate their beauty and how comfortable they look:). 
(also I feel like boys tops will be long enough for leggings, and you could wear with any type of skinny jeans, which is pretty great)

Sorry for the terrible quality :s
I think these would be perfect with a pair of leggings, tucked into high waisted skinnies, or not tucked in at all. The top right one is made of mesh material but I have no idea why the picture has gone like that. 
I'm never really sure about leopard print, but a while ago i saw a leopard print jumper from Topman and fell in love, but they don't have it anymore. Now I really just want a big baggy leopard print t shirt to tuck in and I think it would look really nice with a gold chain.
I love the first t shirt, its from Hype, I love the colours and you can tell that's a proper baggy t shirt. I also love the lion one and last t shirt out of them all.


  1. These are gorgeous! Follow each other on Bloglovin?



    1. Thankyouu :), I think I'm already following you but I will hceck and make sure I definitely am :) xo

  2. i love boys clothes haha, i bought a top from the boys kids section the other day, it was a hype top and for only £15!x

    id love if you checked out my blog - i just followed yours:)xxxx

    1. That top was so nice, can't believe how cheap it was for Hype!! Your blog is really lovely, followed!:)xo


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