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15 September 2013

I done a teeny bit of internet shopping the other day and thought I'd share my purchases with you!

This dress is from Asos and I absolutely love it. I love dresses because they're so easy to wear, and you don't have to worry about matching trousers, because all you really need are tights!
I wore this dress today with a little black beanie, a baggy over sized dark green hoodie and with my burgundy Doc Martens. It can also be spiced up a little, with some little black heels, or maybe some jellies with lacey socks. It was super comfy, but its very loose, as you can tell, so if you want to show off your figure, this isn't the dress for it.
Its over sized and comes down to just above my knee. It has 'nineties' written across it and I just feel like this is the perfect dress to just chill out in or go out, but maybe not to something super formal.

I also got this from Asos, but it's from River Island. It is another dress, I think they are becoming one of my favourite clothing items because they're so comfy and easy to wear!
I saw a girl wearing this dress when I went out the other day and I couldn't help but ask her where it's from. It's adorable! I love the little collar, but the shape is a bit funny on me. It's baggy at the top but also a bit tight and the bottom is like a skate skirt, kind of. It is baggy though and there is no proper waist bit, it is hard to explain but I'll upload of picture of me wearing it tomorrow. 
This dress is quite posh but you could make it a bit different by wearing jelly shoes with it, keep the formal look of it and wear with heels, or some cute little black shoes, or just make it casual and wear with Doc Martens. 
I love wearing necklaces and I feel like I could maybe get away with wearing one with this dress. Only a thin little one, maybe I'll make a post of what I think would go with this. The first one I don't think I could wear a necklace with, but yeah maybe this one. But not a bold massive one, just a little chain with a little thing on it, for instance mine has a few little triangles.
I have no idea why the picture is this way round it won't let me change it??

There is a story behind these jeans. These are from Topshop and a little while ago me and my Mum brought a pair of black Joni jeans from Topshop and slowly they started to get baggier and baggier, to the point where you couldn't really tell they were meant to be skinny and at the hip of my mums it had gone completely baggy, like someone had just grabbed the hips and pulled them out. It obviously just wasn't a dodgy pair of jeans though, because both had got really bad and me and my Mum are completely different sizes. The same thing happened a while back when i got some black Lee jeans from Topshop then literally after two months of having them the elastic had completely gone. The same thing has happened to quite a few of my friends who got black jeans from Topshop (I need to get back to my story though). SO my mum went to Topshop and told them about the jeans, so we swapped my black pair for these, they are still Joni jeans and I love them.
These are super comfy, if you want some Joni jeans I honestly think these are the best, definitely don't get black ones JUST DON'T GET BLACK FROM THERE IN GENERAL but yeah haha, I also have a dark blue pair of these jeans. They are all comfy but these are the best, I forgot I was wearing trousers they are so comfy! I always roll up the bottom of these, just because I prefer the look (and because the legs may be a bit too short on me so I roll them up so nobody notices the ankle swingers...ahah)
But yeah, these are great and you can wear them with literally anything!
In the picture they look really baggy, but they're not it's just the way I laid them out!

Tell me in the comments your experiences with Topshop jeans, do yours ever go baggy? Also, why won't my pictures turn around!! Why are they doing this, when I save them they aren't this way round??
Also if you have seen any loose smock like dresses anywhere, please tell me!xx


  1. Heyyy , :)

    i've nominated you for the Liebster award

  2. Hi!
    I saw your comment on my blog, I'm now following you but you're not following me. Maybe something went wrong?
    Anyway, you've got a cute blog! And love the first dress<3

    1. I'm so sorry I thought I was, I think I am now? Let me know if I'm not because otherwise I need to sort out my bloglovin' account!! xoxo


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