27 September 2013

Okay, these aren't really 'recent purchases' I got them a week ago but it feels like yeaaaaars ago so now thinking about it they are recent purchases..anyway its just a few bits and bobs from boots as there were two for ones on makeup and I needed a bit, I can't wait till I next go on a big shop because as I started blogging it has made me want so many products! I used to be content with this tiny little eye shadow thing I have, but now all I want is an Urban Decay palette! And I want lipsticks, a proper bronzer etc etc, but all those will have to wait :(

I was inspired to get these products after having a day where I literally watched beauty gurus on youtuber all day... Whenever I watch them it makes me want to go out and just buy every product there is! Then I got onto back to school ones and thought, hey why not make myself look presentable this year.

The first thing I got was Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.
Now although I have used this everyday since I got it I don't actually know if its a good concealer.
It's really good for covering my everlasting bags under my eyes and good at covering blemishes but I've only ever had really bad concealers so maybe I just think this one is really good because I've never experienced a good concealer before!?
However I do think this is really good and you can get it at any drugstore probably!:)

The other Rimmel product I brought to get my two for one, was the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I have never used powder before so I have nothing really to compare this one to, but I love it.
I never realised how shiny I used to be and this gets rid of shine easily and helps my foundation stay on! I got it in transparent as I have no idea what my skin colour is, my Mum thinks I always need the palest thing, but I'm not that pale!! My skin colour is very annoying as my whole body is relatively tanned, well you don't look at me and go 'Wow she's tanned' but my face is pale compared to the rest of my body, but still, I'm not the palest foundation type!
Well with that lil rant out the way, yeah it's a really good powder and a lot of people who are more advanced in makeup if you will, use it!

I then got Maybelline The Falsies Mascara Volum (this isn't a spelling error it's actually spelt like this!!) Express. I am still searching for the mascara that I am in love with,
You know how people have that one mascara that they absolutely love and use it all the time and always recommend it? I WANT MINE TO COME! 
I got this one because I heard a youtuber I like mention it and thought I'd give it ago, it is good and makes my eyelashes go black and people can tell you're wearing mascara but it doesn't go clumpy. It is really good but its not my soul mate in mascara form, if you will.
However I do really like it. It's got a curved wand, I had been using it wrong for a while, so read the lil' label on it to see what side to use when you get mascara because it helps!! 
I have really short eyelashes but this does male them look a bit longer and have more volume, I do really like it and it stays on for a while and doesn't rub off easy! I do recommend it and hope if you do purchase it, it is your ONE
Ignore my plain ugly nails pleaseeeee :)

The last item I brought was an eyeliner which I have never tried before which I now LOVE called Master Precise by Maybelline. It is a liquid eyeliner but has a felt tip rather than the little brush liquid liner has.
Now let me tell you, I have tried gel eyeliner, pencil, thick crayon, normal liquid liner and I could not manage to use any of them. The gel was alright but it came out too thick a lot then I lost the brush so couldn't use it, the pencil I got came out super thick, the thick crayon just completely melted on holiday one year and I have never liked liquid liner.
However, this one is fabulous.
It's easy to use and control, you want a flick? You can do a flick easily.
You want a thin line by your lash line? You can do that
You want something a little bolder? IT CAN DO ANYTHING
also you can different thicknesses so if you don't want a really thin one like the one I got, you can get thicker!!
If you want an eyeliner, get this one! It goes on so easy and usually lasts me a whole day and you don't have to wait for it to dry for ages like normal liquid ones.
It doesn't even have to be this brand, get any as long as its felt tip! 
I love this eyeliner so much and you can get a thin line by your lash line quite easy so it's perfect for school.
I could go on for this for days I love it, it's great, just try it ooooooo I can't wait to do my make up tomorrow now!
I did have a picture of it on my hand but my hand has left over pen all over it so then I cropeed it loads so you could just see the lines so you could see the thickness, but woah zooming in made my arm look super hairy even though it's not

What make up do you like recently?
Also, I'm thinking of changing my blog a little bit, any ideas on what to add/change? DO you think I should get google+?



  1. i really want to try that concealer...may pick it up!

    Check out and enter my Giveaway!! :-)

  2. I recently bought the Rimmel wake me up concealer and the Maybelline falsies mascara...absolutely loving both x


  3. Hi :-)
    Great blog, mind following each other ? i would love it <3 I am new here :D
    *le haywire - blog*

  4. I really love the Rimmel concealer at the moment - it has great coverage and it's pleasant to wear! Xx


  5. I have the powder, and mascara and love both, definitely want to try the concealer since I use the wake me up foundation! you probably know about it since it is majorly hyped but if you wanna try another good concealer use the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer!

    followed you back btw :) love your blog!xx

    1. I actually didn't know about that one, but when this one is empty I might get it, if i remember!:) thankyou, i love yours too!xx

  6. im getting the wake me up concealer soon, looking forward to trying it! :) i also have the master precise, its so easy to use! love your blog btw, following! :) xxx


    1. Its great ohh you'll have a great time covering up all your blemishes!:), thankyou I'll follow you too lovely!:)xxx

  7. I've heard great things about the wake me up concealer and the stay matte powder is amaaazing! Especially for the price! Great post :) Rachel xxx



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